Alison Barnes

Having made my own jewellery for many years, I was looking to develop further skills to give my designs more scope and greater individuality.
This led to undertaking a two year course – gaining a City & Guilds Diploma in Creative Techniques (Silversmithing & Jewellery) with distinction in 2011, and the development of Prooshan Blue.
Inspiration for the jewellery I design and create is widely diverse. I have often been inspired through travel and my surroundings, although more often it is subconscious inspiration. Mostly, a basic idea will form, flourish and further develop through the creative process without a sketch or design plan, the result of which is an eclectic mix of jewellery pieces.
All my jewellery items are one of a kind designs, with the exception of selected rings made to order in alternative sizes.
I hope that here at Prooshan Blue you will find a piece that particularly endears itself to you, however I am more than happy to work with you to create a piece of your own choice.
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