Bridget Holmes

About the Maker

Born from a keen interest in art at school, I have attended art courses and community workshops throughout my life. I like to share my work with others and exhibit through Art events, Craft Fayres and local exhibitions, whenever possible. I specialize in collages and paper craft.

Primarily inspired by my travels, my work gravitates towards the impression distinct landscapes have left upon me. Whether it be an East Anglian sunrise, a Venetian canal, or a busy market scene, I aim to capture not only the immediate visual impression of what I see, but the atmosphere. I like to use paper and card to replicate the textures and dimensions of my subject, aiming to bring it to life in a way that paint alone finds hard. 

I have always had a passion for paper, the quality, colours and texture, and the various folding techniques which can create perspective.  I also marble my own papers, some of which I include in my picture-making, along with my favourite folding techniques such as iris folding and quilling. I also make my own range of cards, decorated wreaths and tree decorations.

Contact Bridget at:-
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I exhibit under my maiden name, which is Bridget John.
My Website is currently under redevelopment, in order to include new categories of my work, but can then be viewed at