Elizabeth Rose

I have now painted on silk for almost 25 years – I just love the vibrant colours!  My inspiration generally comes from the natural world.  

I initially studied textiles in the late 1980’s with Julia Capara in London, and with a number of artists at West Dean College since then.  Over the years I have developed textural techniques through the use of batik on both silk and cotton.  My work has flourished since I moved to Norfolk in 2001 and my dream came true when I was able to build a lovely studio in my garden in which to work.

Since then I have explored sea and coastal landscapes both as batiks and more recently through painted and stitched fabrics.   Crashing waves and stormy seas were particularly poignant images for me while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2006.

Currently I’m exploring new expressions of art and faith, and find myself intrigued and delighted to see unexpected colours and forms in plants bursting into life around me.

Contact Elizabeth
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