Helen Bennett

I have had an interest in crafts and, in particular, needlework crafts from a young age.  This may, in part, have been inherited from my grandmother who was a talented needlewoman.   If she had been blessed with a longer life I sometimes imagine the great conversations we could have had about all things needlework.   Although a lot of her needlework was created out of necessity, mine is perhaps  more indulgent due to a love of fabrics, threads and all associated notions.

My interest in patchwork began in the late seventies whilst living overseas.   I was looking  for a pastime and although craft shops were few and far between in that particular area, I managed to find a set of templates used for the English method of patchwork  and a small instruction booklet which got me started.  Since those early days I have progressed to the American block style of patchwork which I also enjoy and in the late nineties I completed a large sampler quilt, handpieced and handquilted.  I also enjoy appliqué work, both by machine and by hand and almost all crafts using fabrics.

During my time living overseas I also embarked on some hardanger embroidery  - self taught from books and still like to make smaller items, time permitting.

On returning to England, I enrolled in an open learning interior design course with a London college and obtained my diploma in November 2007.

Following this I returned to full time craft work and as an additional outlet for my creativity, joined the Norfolk Craft Guild in September 2011.

I am currently interested in cathedral window patchwork and Celtic appliqué.

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Website address:  www.cherishquiltsandcrafts.co.uk