Sharon Stone

I retired to Norfolk in 2014 after a long career in finance.  

To contrast the disciplines of accounting, I have always taken pleasure from making things and practical activities ranging from house rennovations, gardening, soft furnishings, small crochet sculptures, and even brick laying!  So when a workshop for making Mosaics was offered at the Dragonfly Gallery at Watton, I jumped at the chance and immediately fell in love with the up-cycling nature of this art form.  It is called Pique Assiette, meaning 'one who eats from others' plates' and uses all manner of crockery and household pottery, old and broken, but need not be limited to these.  Other hard materials such as pebbles, shells, glass beads, jewellry and mirror can be used.  I regulary visit charity shops wherever I go, car boot sales and even eBay to source material.

I take my inspiration from countryside and coastal walks along the beautiful North Norfolk coast, wild and domestic animals.  I often work with clients who want a unique image of a treasured place or creature.  So my work thus far has included seascapes, architecture, wildlife and pet portraits.  If you have something you want to capture in this fascinating format, please do not hesitate to contact me.

[email protected]