Susan Jones

I am from an artistic family, since an early age I have been interested in sculpting.  My first model was made from Playdough and I remember wanting desperately to keep it and tried to harden it by cooking it on the fire guard !
In the following years I tried out all of the usual modelling materials, but was never completely happy with the results.
In 2004 I discovered Needle-Felting and quickly realised it was what I had been looking for.

Needle-Felting is a process whereby, wool and other fibres are turned into felt, using a specialised barbed needle - also called Dry Felting. These needles are 'borrowed' from the Needle Punch industry and were introduced to the craft world in the early 1980s. by two American artists Eleanor and David Stanwood.  This technique was picked up by their friend, artist Ayala Talpai, who realised 3D sculpture could be produced with the felting needles. Her  book on the subject called 'The Felting Needle, from Factory to Fantasy', triggered off a new craft.
Needle-Felting enables the artist to make 3D models more easily than traditional wet felting and with far greater detail.

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